AlphaShark - Marine Nationale JV XL


The Marine Nationale JV (Jackostraps Version) is part of our collaboration with Jackostraps. Designed by Jackostraps to resemble the iconic straps made of parachute webbing used by Marine Nationale divers, but with our usual AlphaShark construction. The strap is crafted from high tensile strength nylon webbing with deluxe hardware, including a premium stainless steel buckle and flat stainless steel keepers. The nylon is weaved to provide a softer feel with a higher sheen than standard nylon straps. Superior to standard nylon straps, the AlphaShark, is comparable to far more expensive offerings. 

  • AlphaShark Collection - The luxury nylon watch strap
  • Marine Nationale styling - Green with a single gold stripe
  • BluShark 1.4mm thick high sheen nylon weave cleanly stitched around the buckles
  • Deluxe hardware including a premium buckle and flat keepers
  • Available with polished or brushed premium stainless steel hardware
  • Length: 310mm

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