Apple Watch Band - Abyss Two Stitch Leather

Smartwatch Size
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Abyss is inspired by nature's abyssal zones - the 4,000m deep layer of the ocean without sunlight, with blue waters almost black in color. BluShark's Two Stitch watch bands are made of Italian calfskin leather. With the goal of making your smartwatch look even smarter, BluShark's Apple Watch bands are made of high-end leathers including Italian calfskin and ethically sourced ostrich and crocodile leathers. Each band is carefully constructed and adorned with a premium stainless buckle. The collection is part of our ongoing 'Buy 2, Get 1 Free' and 'Buy 3, Get 2 Free' promotion. As with all of our watch straps, our Apple watch bands are guaranteed to be free of defect for the life of the product.


Material Italian calfskin leather

Small: Fits 38mm or 40mm Apple Watch (20mm band width)

Large: Fits 42mm or 44mm Apple Watch (22mm band width)


Stainless steel/Black

Color Black Blue
Finish Smooth 
Padding No
Stitching Cream
Length 120mm x 80mm