5 Gift Ideas for Watch Enthusiasts


Buying great gifts, especially for people who are very passionate about certain things, is not always easy. You want to offer something they want but don’t expect, something surprising that can also be useful. And when it comes to watch enthusiasts, getting such a perfect gift can be even more difficult. 

To make sure you do your best when choosing a gift for a timepiece collector, continue reading this article and find out our five gift ideas.

A New Strap

Some things can always make watch enthusiasts happy no matter what type of timepieces they collect. Since no matter how amazing a watch is, after a while, it becomes a bit mundane and overused, a makeover of a collector's favorite piece can be a fantastic gift. And there is no better way to embellish a cool watch than with a brand new, high-quality strap that will give it a brand new look and feel.  

A Watch Repair Kit

Not all watch enthusiasts would adventure themselves into taking care of their favorite timepieces, but many meticulous watch owners love to do this. For them, a dusting brush and a magnifying glass would keep them very busy and happy at the same time so there is no doubt a watch repair kit can make a fantastic gift.  

A Watch Box or a Watch Roll 

Most watches have their display case, and that can be used as storage. 

But a collector, who already owns a few watches and a bunch of accessories, could definitely use a watch box. There are plenty of different options available, so all kinds of collectors can be satisfied with such a present. 

And if you are trying to find a gift for a watch lover who is also a passionate traveler, you can replace the box with a watch roll. This lovely gift will enable any traveling watch collector to easily and safely store and carry their favorite timepieces while flying, driving, or yachting.

A Special Book for Watch Enthusiasts

We might be living in the internet era, but the books are still a great education source, and they make a fantastic gift for all kinds of people. There are many blogs and forums out there, but a good book can bring joy to all gentlemen who are passionate about collecting watches. 

Depending on the type of person your watch collector is, you can choose from a multitude of options, from lovely coffee table books to brand specialty and how-to advice books. 

A Winder for Automatic Watches

If a book might seem like a vintage type of gift for many, let’s end this list with something fancier and a bit futuristic, a winder for automatic watches. As you already know, an automatic watch gets its energy from the movement of the wearer’s wrist. So, the watch stops working, when it sits in a drawer, unused. This is when a winder is very useful, keeping the watch on-time by moving it ever-so-slightly.

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  • Joachim

    Have bought some straps from some weeks ago. Quality is OK, but a bit stiff. My major problem is that they all are too short for me. Do you offer straps inXL length which shoud be standard plus 2 inches ? A bit thicker material woul also not be hurting. Greets from the other side of the pond, Joachim

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