Installing Your BluShark Strap

Installing a new strap the first time you do it may seem overwhelming, but you'll quickly realize how easy it is. Just follow the simple process below to swap out your traditional strap for your Shark. The process outlined below should work for nearly all watches. 

1. Removing the spring bars: Remove your current watch strap by removing the spring bars with a spring bar tool (or try a more innovative way). You'll depress the end of the spring bar where it meets the lugs  and move it away from the watch. Be careful to make sure the bar doesn't spring away as you pull it from the watch. Removing spring bars
2. Re-inserting the spring bars: Once you've removed the spring bars from the watch, you'll pull them away from your current watch strap and put them back into the watch case. You'll do this by placing one end of the spring bar back into the hole it was initially resting in and you'll press the other side down to move that side back into its initial spot.  Re-installing spring bars for NATO strap
3. Inserting the new BluShark strap: Now you've got your watch with no strap and we're ready to insert our new BluShark strap. You're going to hold your watch so that it's right-side up and facing you. Hold the strap so that the long end is in front and the buckle is at 12 o'clock. Pass the long end through the spring bar at 12 o'clock and then through the spring bar at 6 o'clock. Inserting NATO strap through spring bars
4. Secure the strap: Now take that same long piece and insert it into the keeper on the shorter piece to secure the strap in place. Pull it through and you're nearly done. You may need to shift the watch case up or down so that it sits properly on your wrist. Pulling the watch strap through and securing it to the watch.
5. The finishing touches: Put the watch on as you would with your previous strap. You're likely to have a fair amount of extra length after passing it through the keepers. The standard way to wear the strap is to pass the extra length back through the keepers.  Folding the watch strap back into the buckle
6. (Optional) Cutting excess length: Alternatively, you can cut the extra length off. You can do this by holding a quarter to the strap and cut around it to give it a rounded edge. Now just burn the edge with a lighter to seal it and avoid fraying. And we're all done. You can now proudly wear your new BluShark strap. Cutting the watch strap to shorten it