How to Build a Watch Collection

Do you love watches so much that you already have a great number of beautiful, fashionable timepieces but you want to become a collector who hunts for the best watches and acquires them for different reasons, not only fashion? Continue reading this article and find out which are the first steps towards building your first collection. 

Learn and Research - Once you decide collecting watches is your new passion, you can begin your research. Find out which are the current trends and try to predict future ones, keeping in mind that some things tend to come back into fashion. To perform good research, use the internet, of course, but also talk to other fellow collectors who can help you understand how to identify relevant trends. 

Follow the Auctions - As soon as you catch a glimpse of the watch collectors’ world, it’s time to become part of it by following the auctions. This way, you will get a better idea of what’s cool at the moment, as well as see how the prices evolve. And when you are ready, and you see something you love, don’t be afraid of acquiring it. 

Buy Only What You Like - If you want to have a valuable personal collection, always buy what you like. You will see many timepieces that seem “important”, but real collectors only buy what’s interesting to wear and looks good on their wrist as well as watches that come with a good story. 

Some people don’t wear the watches in their collections, but if you want to show them off once in a while, you definitely should. And don’t worry if the bands are overworn, because you can always replace them with brand new straps that can make every timepiece come back to life.

As a newbie, you might need to begin collecting while focusing on a watch brand. This way, you can learn a lot about the brand’s history and evolution while acquiring your favorite watches. And if you don’t have a favorite brand, how about creating a collection around one type of watches? For instance, if you are a water sports aficionado, you can focus on diving watches. Your collection can include timepieces like a Rolex Submariner and an Omega Seamaster. 

Appreciate the Thrill of the Hunt and Enjoy Your Pieces - Having a great watch collection is amazing, but before that, you have to find the best timepieces. And collecting is very similar to hunting. The thrill of this hunt is only emphasized by the joy of finding a great watch that fits perfectly with your other precious pieces. 

But besides having fun and enjoying the adrenaline rush given by the hunt, you should also find time to savor your collection. Whether you prefer wearing them or getting them out of the box once in a while to show them to your friends or admire them on your own, enjoying the timepieces you gather is cherry on the cake. 

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