What Do Women Think of Men's Watches?

Though your character is your most important feature, appearance tells a lot about you, especially when you first meet somebody. It might not be fair that who you are and what you value is defined as soon as somebody catches the first glimpse of your shoes, clothing, glasses, watches, hair, and beard, but this is the truth. And there is nobody better at sizing up a person than a woman. 

Women size you up as soon as they see you
Sizing up goes both ways, but you already knew that, didn’t you? What you probably didn’t know is that, while you pay a lot of attention at a lady's physical appearance and gestures, she might have a rather long mental checklist, and she also considers what you wear while thinking off bad and good boxes.

Unfortunately, you only get to make one first impression. So, you better be careful because ladies notice every little thing.

Hands, shoes, watches...
The way women check you differs, depending on the preferences of each lady. But the truth is that their checklists are very similar.

For instance, if you believe you can get away with wearing that old watch with a used strap because no one will notice, think again. While most women don’t care about the brand or the price of your watch, they will notice if it doesn’t match your outfit, and they will definitely see if it’s overused. Fortunately, you can always embellish yours with a brand new strap.

Some women love men watches so much they wear them
Most women watches follow a more delicate pattern, but many ladies prefer a tougher look. This is why they choose to wear men's watches.

Wearing a bigger, more rigid piece of jewelry can help women make more of a statement, especially when it becomes the accessory for a feminine outfit. The contrast shows that she is both feminine and strong.

So, what do ladies find most important about your watch?
The conclusion is simple. Women have an eye for detail and they will use their powers when checking you out. They see accessories as icing on the cake and, as already mentioned when they size you up they'll observe and dislike if your watch is worn out or not matching your clothing. But they will definitely appreciate if it strengthens your outfit.

Don’t forget that your watch should also match your personality. If you’re a trendy person, don’t wear classic watches just because you believe it impresses people. You’ll wear much better something that matches your character.

And gentlemen, whatever your style is, make sure your watches always look impeccable. If your favorite one has overused straps, don't throw it away, especially when it has emotional value. Just change those old straps. There are plenty of options available!

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