What Are the Best Watch Strap Colors for Your Timepiece?


A timeless and classic question, just like the amazing pieces in your ever-growing watch collection. A watch is a unique combination of form and function, being both a practical tool for always being on time as well as a fashion accessory for self expression and adding the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. 

While there's nothing wrong with wearing something more understated that focuses mostly on functionality, you can transform your ordinary timepiece into something much better. And you can do this by finding suitable watch strap colors. However, finding the right option can be tricky, especially because there are so many factors to consider. 

Read on for some tips and ideas for how to create the perfect pairing between watch and strap. 

How Will I Know the Best Watch Strap Color for Me?

When finding the best watch strap color for your needs, you should consider both the color of the watch face and the case. And always try to factor in the color palette of the clothes you’ll be wearing. Moreover, ask yourself if you prioritize functionality or style when selecting your outfits. Additionally, don't forget to consider the material of your watch case. 

What’s the Ideal Strap Color for a Gold Watch?

If you want to treat yourself, there’s nothing more rewarding than sporting a gold watch. This durable, timeless accessory looks great with any outfit, is an enduring symbol, and shows that you’ve earned your place in the world.

If you want to add a beautiful twist to the traditional gold watch, pair it with a blue or burgundy strap to really help the face pop. 

What Color Works Best for Your Silver Timepiece?

Like the gold watches, silver timepieces also really class up any outfit. The right strap color depends on your ideal look. Its versatile color allows you to choose multiple styles to prepare for any occasion. Consider colors and designs that won’t draw attention away, but rather enhance the smooth and sleek appearance. Think the AlphaShark Bond strap with its black stripes forming a strong base and silver highlights to match your silver face. Or, go monochrome with the AlphaShark Admiralty Gray

What’s the Best Strap Color for a Blue Dial Watch?

A blue dial watch is a timeless choice that looks great when you match it with subdued colors like gray, tan, and brown. While there’s nothing wrong with going minimalistic, you can add some visual interest to your timepiece with contrast stitching or a crocodile strap.

What’s the Best Strap Color for a Black Watch?

A black watch is already a bold accessory. You can never go wrong with this timeless and versatile color because it always adds sophistication, whether it’s a casual or formal outfit. It’s also a subtle yet powerful way to convey confidence and individuality. 

You can enhance your effortless look by adding a black metal or leather strap or selecting one in contrasting colors. This is your watch, your strap - make it you, make it a statement.  

What Goes Well on a Rose Gold Watch?

If an item looks great when combined with gold, it will also look amazing when paired with rose gold. However, you shouldn’t treat these two materials identically. Rose gold has a subtle and elegant charm that pairs well with matching rose gold physical vapor deposition (PVD) buckles and keepers or dark green watch straps. Either way, rose gold always looks stunning.

Strapping on a Timeless Style

Watch strap colors can transform the everyday into something altogether different and new, but that only works when you choose the right one. Consider your needs, your outfit, the activity you’ll be doing, the color and style of your timepiece and choose something that thrills you. 

BluShark offers thousands of different watch strap colors to help collectors enjoy a unique timepiece. Whether you own a gold, silver, or black watch, you’ll find a strap to match it. Shop the collection now!

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