How to Choose and Adjust a Watch Band

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A watchband: a small watch accessory that can elevate a man’s outfit from nice looking to sharp in seconds.

Even without the trendiest designer watch, a new strap can jazz up your everyday look. 

Sometimes, it’s all you need to make a statement.

However, to look your best, you need a watch band that fits just right.

Ill-fitting watches are uncomfortable. They will either slide around the wrist or be too tight. As such, watch lovers should pay keen attention to the band’s fit on their next trip to the watch store. 

So, how exactly should a watch strap fit? 


A watch strap should be slightly loose, but not move around the wrist, and be tight enough not to leave imprints. 

Looking For the Ideal Watch Strap

SharkFin - Titanium Silver Watch Strap
SharkFin - Titanium Silver Watch Strap

The hunt for the perfect men’s watch strap to fit your style is rarely a walk in the park. 

Before you get torn between picking the leather Kwik change, titanium silver, or any of the other alluring BluShark straps, you need to choose the ideal watch band.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a watch strap.

The Size of the Watch Band Matters

The simplest way to know the proper size of a watch band is to look for the manufacturer's markings indicating the size. Usually, these numbers are at the back of the strap. If not, you can always measure your wrist using a tape measure at the exact area where you wear your watch.

Also, consider the width of the lug—the place where the strap attaches to the actual watch. Avoid a timepiece with a band larger than the lugs. 

Ill-fitting Watch Bands Are Not at All Flattering

A watch that slides up and down your wrist or one that leaves an imprint are the two obvious tell-tale signs of a band that doesn’t fit well.

As much as some men love big watches, one that extends beyond the wrist is not a good look. It throws off proportions, especially if you are going for a well-groomed look. For a better fitting watch, consider purchasing one with lugs that do not extend past your wrist.

Watch Out for the Hardware

BluShark watch bands
Navy Blue Watch Strap

Once you’ve found the right-sized watch strap, you must consider the hardware.

Most watches come in stainless steel. If stainless brushed buckles don’t complement your watch's case, choose an alternative that does such as black, gold, or bronze.

The Material of Your Watch Strap is Vital

Watch manufacturers blessed us with a collection of straps. Leather, nylon, rubber, and metal watch bands are some of the most common. 

No watch strap is superior as each kind has unique traits. 

For instance, rubber, fabric, and leather straps are ideal choices for those allergic to metal. 

Gym and sports enthusiasts particularly should lean towards silicon straps as they are water and corrosion-resistant. These straps can also withstand demanding sporting activities. 

If you are an outdoor person, a nylon strap comes in handy because it is easy to clean, and doesn’t conduct a lot of heat. 

How to Adjust Watch Band

Installing Your BluShark Strap

Situations, where you need your ill-fitting watch adjusted by a jeweler, do exist. Even so, if it’s something you can do yourself, there is no point in waiting a few days to wear your favorite timepiece. With a few simple tools, you can adjust your wristband with ease.

Adjusting your band depends on the type of watch you own, but most adjust similarly. However, watches that feature metal wristbands require a unique method.

Check out this video:

Adjusting a Metal Watch Band: How Many Links Do You Need to Remove?

Removing links is not as tasking as many think. To modify a metal bracelet, you need simple tools that include:

  • Small jewelry hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Pushpins
  • Two small wood blocks
  • Needle nose pliers
Tightening Procedure
  1. Using the measuring tape, measure your wrist according to how you want your watch to fit.  
  2. With that measurement, measure the watch strap to know the number of links that need to be removed. Removable links are close to the clasp. You may need to remove one or two links, depending on how loose the band is. 

    Another way to find this measurement is to wear the watch then pinch the band evenly from the clasp.

    Once you have identified the number of links that need to be removed, locate the removable wristband link pins. They are indicated using small arrows.

  3. Place the two blocks of wood close to each other. Lay the wristband on its side, on top of the blocks. It should rest in place with the removable link between the two blocks.
  4. Hold the pushpin on top of the link pinhole. Using a small hammer, gently tap its head, sending the metal pin into the hole and plunging the link pin out of place.
  5. If you want to remove multiple links, use the same procedure on the extra links to push the pins out.
  6. Then using needle-nose pliers, remove the links by pulling the pushpin out. Make sure not to pull forcefully.
  7. To reattach, detach the clasp from the removed links. 
  8. On a flat surface, realign the clasp with the band’s last link. Hold the link pin tightly on top of the small hole using needle-nosed pliers, and with the jewelry hammer, gently pound it into place.
  9. Wear your watch and re-assess how well it fits. In case you over-adjusted the watch, you can always re-install the bracelet links.

So, how do you loosen a tight metal band?

  1. The first step is to buy enough links and pins.
  2. Once you have all your tools assembled, locate the pin holding the clasp and the last link. Remove the clasp using the same method stated above. 
  3. Add links. To do this, you need to realign one link at a time and push the pin through the clear hole. The number of links to add depends on how you want your watch band to fit.
  4. Attach the clasp and try it on. Make the necessary adjustments.

Adjusting a Leather Watch Band

Leather watch band adjustments are straightforward. All you have to do is push the pin on the buckle onto any of the holes on the watchband. The closer you move towards the holes nearest to your wrist, the tighter the band gets.

If you need to punch additional holes, follow the steps below.

Tools needed:

  1. Measuring tape
  2. Utility knife
  3. Leather punch (2 mm)
  4. Washable marker


  1. Measure your wrist and settle for a measurement where the band fits perfectly.
  2. Mark this measurement on the leather band’s underside.
  3. Make a hole on the marked spot using the 2 mm leather punch. Wipe off any excess marks.
  4. If the strap is too long, place the watch on a flat surface and carefully cut off the excess using the utility knife.

Replacing New Bands

Replacing old straps with new ones is simple.


  1. Place the watch face down on the soft cloth. The cloth prevents the watch from scratching.
  2. Firmly hold the watch, and using your dominant hand, place the forked end of the spring bar tool between the lug and the strap.
  3. Apply gentle pressure and push the spring bar tool inwards and downwards, detaching the strap.
  4. Do this procedure the same way on the other side to remove the other strap.
  5. To insert your new strap, insert one end of the spring bar into the hole in the lug. Using the sharp end of your spring bar tool, push the other end into the other hole.

That’s it!  

Note that the strap with the buckle always goes on the 12 o’clock side.

Choosing and Adjusting a Watch Band Has Never Been Easier 

See, adjusting a watch band is not as challenging as you thought. We can all agree that it requires a bit of work, but it is not impossible. All you need is a few tools, and you are good to go.

Whether luxurious watches pique your interest or you are inclined towards sportier options, BluShark offers a huge collection of watch straps to choose from. Experiment with the available options to find one that suits your style and personality.

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