How to Select and Remove an Apple Watch Band

One of the best things about the Apple Watch is that you get to personalize it at will, so why not take advantage of that? Apple has made it very easy to swap out the watch bands to suit your style, whatever the occasion.

While changing the band (and the Apple Watch face) is easy enough, selecting the right replacement strap can be a problem. More options just make it harder to choose, don’t they?

The options you have are endless when it comes to a new strap for your Apple Watch. Apart from the official bands, third parties like us craft fantastic straps to suit every whim and personality.

At BluShark Straps, we have been crafting all kinds of stylish Apple Watch bands for several years now. To help you choose the right band for your Apple Watch, we reveal what you should look for in a strap including wrist size, case size, and design. 

How to Select the Right Watch Strap for Your Apple Watch

So far, there have been several generations of the Apple Watch with many versions in between them. Their sizes range from the 38mm case in the Series 1 to the current 44mm Series 6, so finding the right strap size is the most important factor.

  • Make sure the size of the band is correct and double-check the wrist size and case size.
  • Aesthetics matter. Whether you have an aluminum or stainless steel watch, get the right style of band to match your watch.
  • Check your watch and wrist size compatibility. If you have a large wrist, you need a wide strap to compensate and vice versa.
  • Linkage: many official and third-party Apple Watch bands use Apple’s unique linkage system. It allows you to just hold down the band release button to get it on and off easily.

How to Find Your Wrist Size 

Whether you are buying the band for yourself or as a gift, it is necessary to get the right measurements first. Every band will have specific sizing instructions for the case and wrist sizes to help you get the right fit.

Your watch needs to fit perfectly—that means tight enough to ensure the watch body has sufficient skin contact for the sensors to work, but not too tight that the skin can’t breathe.

Here’s a video to show you the best way to wear your Apple Watch comfortably and efficiently.

Pro Tip: If you are currently in the process of purchasing your Apple Watch, it is important to find the right one for you depending on your wrist size.

The best way to size your wrist for your watch is by using a tape measure to find your wrist diameter. Check out our complete guide on how to measure your wrist size for a more complete explanation.

BluShark Apple Watch straps are carefully designed to be more adjustable and easier to fit for maximum comfort. To borrow from one customer’s glowing reviews:

“The quality of the leather is fantastic. It's a stiff yet pliable leather. The thickness and weight convey craftsmanship.” - Jeffery N.

In addition, all our leather, Cordura, nylon, and CanvaSoft straps have precisely punched holes for a versatile fit. 

How to Change Your Apple Watch Band

Apple uses a proprietary design that allows you to easily slide the band from its lug channel with the use of a spring-loaded band-release button. The process itself is quite simple.

  1. Place your Apple Watch on a soft clean surface

    Remove your Apple Watch and place it face down on a soft flat surface, preferably on top of a microfiber cloth or paper towel. The towel or cloth will prevent scratches on your Apple watch face.

    Open the watch band to separate it into two pieces where possible. This doesn’t apply to one-piece bands like the Solo Loop.

    In the case of the Link Bracelet band which has a butterfly closure, separate the links by pressing the quick-release button on the inside of the bracelet to separate the links. 

  2. Locate and press the band release button

    There are two band release buttons located next to the lug channels. Press each of them in turn with your fingernails or a sharp object to depress the spring-loaded mechanism and allow you to slide the band out.

    How to remove Apple Watch band

  3. Slide the old band across to remove it from the channel

    While still holding down the quick-release button, gently pull one side of the new strap out of the channel then repeat the same process for the other one. The GIF below will show you how to remove the Apple Watch band easily.

    Removing Apple Watch band

  4. Slide the new Apple Watch band into the channel

    Gently slide the new band into the channels one side at a time until you hear a click. Always test that the band is secure by giving it a slight tug before wearing it. If it is not secure, press the button on the back again, slide the band across, and try to lock it again in place.

Explore Premium Third-Party Straps

Buying a new band from third-party creators like BluShark Straps gives you a fantastic range of choices for your Apple Watch. Since they are more affordable, you can buy as many of them as you want and build your own collection.

Our customers have come to love and trust our premium-quality and luxurious bands, and to us, that is the hallmark of quality. Substandard bands could lead to damage or loss of your watch, but our straps come with a lifetime guarantee. Here’s what one happy customer said:

Everett B Customer review
Everett B | Customer Review

Remember what we said about being spoiled by choice? Explore our collection and find that elusive strap for your watch. We even have adapters that let you use standard watch straps to suit your taste.

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