The Many Watches and Straps of Daniel Craig’s James Bond 007

James Bond, a world-renowned British Secret Service agent, is synonymous with style, intrigue, and sophistication. As a fashion icon, 007's wardrobe is as critical to his persona as his arsenal of gadgets and quick wit. Of particular interest to horologists and fashion connoisseurs alike are the watches adorning Bond's wrist. 

From the moment Sean Connery first saved the world as Bond, luxury timepieces have been an essential accessory for every agent. This continued trend of stylish watches worn by our favorite spy has seen a renaissance in recent Daniel Craig-led James Bond movies. In this blog, we will dive into the watches and watch bands featured in his films and show you how to get the ultimate 007 look with BluShark's fantastic range. So, buckle up and prepare to give your wrist game a license to thrill!

Omega Watches: The Wristwear of Choice for Daniel Craig's Bond

Let’s dive into Daniel Craig’s James Bond 007 style, with the influence of former 007 leads, when it comes to watches and watch straps.

Casino Royale

In Daniel Craig's 007 debut, he sports a truly remarkable timepiece: the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M. This stainless steel, high-quality functioning dive watch with luminescent hands and a rotating bezel is perfect for the modern Bond who goes from lavish casinos to underwater escapades. While the Planet Ocean featured a stainless steel strap, you can switch it up with BluShark’s Original Straps—a comfortable, high-quality reproduction of the iconic watch strap made famous by Sean Connery's Bond. This addition will give your Bond collection a blend of both eras.

Quantum of Solace

Another Omega timepiece featured in Daniel Craig's second Bond film, Quantum of Solace, is the limited-edition Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Quantum of Solace (a mouthful, just like the movie title!). This is a more lightweight and rugged watch with a 45.5mm titanium case, carbon fiber dial, and titanium bracelet. Switch the titanium bracelet for BluShark's AlphaPremier Bond Strap to add those grey and black stripes and give your 007-inspired style a more personal touch.


In Skyfall, Bond doesn't stick with a single watch. Naturally, being 007, he must choose the perfect watch for each mission. The first watch is the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M, a classically sleek stainless steel watch. The second is the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Skyfall Limited Edition. The model features a black ceramic bezel and a unique 007 logo at the seven-hour marker. Complete your Skyfall watch duo with BluShark's Orca Waffle Bond Strap for a comfortable and vintage feel.

Spectre and No Time To Die

Both Spectre and No Time To Die showcased the Omega Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition watch. With distinctive nods to past 007 watches and unique features like a broad-arrow hour hand, the Seamaster Spectre is an ode to the cinematic Bond. Pair it with our ultra-comfortable BluShark Knit Weave Black Bond Strap to maintain that stealthy Bond appearance.

Channel Your Inner 007 with BluShark 

The watches worn by James Bond have become an essential part of his iconic style, and Daniel Craig's portrayal of the character has continued this tradition with his own unique twist. Omega watches have been the timepieces of choice for Craig's Bond, and BluShark's range of watch straps offers the perfect complement to these luxury watches. Whether you prefer the classic stainless steel look or the more rugged titanium and carbon fiber, BluShark has a strap to suit your taste! By adding a BluShark strap to your Omega watch, you can elevate your wrist game to a license to thrill level and channel your inner James Bond.

Now that you've taken an exciting journey through the many watches and straps of James Bond, head over to BluShark to discover the perfect straps for your collection! Whether you're saving the world or heading to the office, as 007 would say—strap up and don't be late! Get 1 free when you buy 2 BluShark watch straps today! Shop online now!

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