The Best Watchbands to Consider for the Perfect Gift

A wrist watch is a timeless, essential, and classic accessory that can transform every man's look entirely. 

It's a proven and sophisticated way to add a touch of sparkle to any man's style. 

Like Tom Ford puts it, 'For most men, a watch is their only accessory other than a wedding band. It's a status symbol and can say quite a lot about someone."

Every man needs a reliable, eye-catching watch. And equally important, a perfect watch band to match. A watch band is an ideal way to make a watch uniquely yours.

Often catching the attention of many, before the watch dial, a watch band completes and elevates a man's style. It's for this reason that a watch band needs a place in your gift thoughts.

Comfortable and Stylish Watch Bands

Stylish Watch Bands
Stylish Watch Bands

If you love the idea of a watch band gift for someone special, the following categories of watch bands offer something for everyone. 

Scroll through for some of the best watch band pieces they're sure to appreciate.

Leather Watch Bands

A leather watch band is a classic common choice. Genuine leather is a fashion staple that sends bold statements about personal style. It's sleek and can get anyone noticed, even in a watch.

Leather Kwik Change - Hazelnut Brown Two Stitch Watch Band
Leather Kwik Change - Hazelnut Brown Two Stitch Watch Band

What truly impresses about leather straps is their unique texture, and comfortable feeling that's gentle to the skin. They're fully customizable and come in different styles, qualities, textures, and shades. 

This allows you to choose from a variety of straps to match any style. 

You can have the band engraved with initials, a personal message to make it feel special. Some have contrast stitching, while others have large rivets, padding, or perforations. 

They may even be bund straps, vintage, or feature exotic reptile skins for a more distinct look. Specifically, a leather bund strap comes with an extra layer, usually between the watch and the wrist. Germans first used them during world war II to protect the skin. 

Leather bands work well with;

  • Chronographs watches 
  • Minimalist watches 
  • Dive watches

They're primarily useful for office wear or any formal occasion. Vintage leather is also the go-to for high-end vintage timepieces. 

Benefits of a leather watch band 

  • Comfortable 
  • Form-fitting 
  • Stylish 
  • Durable 

However, as elegant as they come, they need some care lest they get shabby or damaged. They should be kept away from wet conditions and extreme temperatures.

Apple Watch Bands

Apple watch straps, particularly in the smartwatch category, are a famous brand for many good reasons. 

Apple Watch Bands
Apple Watch Bands

Crafted in a special design, these bands bring numerous options to mix and match watch dials that compliment any outfit and style. 

Apple watch bands work well with: 

  • Small Apple Watch ( 38/40mm)
  • Large Apple Watch (42/44mm)
  • Samsung Galaxy 

If you are looking for soft and thinly padded straps with a comfortable feel on the wrist, a Cordura Apple Watch band provides that and more. 

Apple Watch Band - Gray CanvaSoft
Apple Watch Band - Gray CanvaSoft

Not many straps have the edge over Apple watch bands. You can be sure it will be a cherished gift. Their price tag guarantees durability and quality while sending a profound style statement.

Whether its simplicity, utility, or sophistication, there are more than enough options for everyone and any occasion. 

Nylon Watch Bands

Nylon bands may not be as famous as the other straps, but are worth every penny and the best for summer wear. They also bring in the appeal of leather bands allowing for contrast stitching, stripes, or patterns. 

You can add some flair by customizing the strap. For instance, use a Zulu strap in various colors and interchangeable designs to suit whichever outfit and style . 

Nylon Watch Bands
Nylon Watch Bands

The versatility of these bands means they incorporate a wide variety of wrist watches, including;

  • Choreographs
  • Slim profile 
  • Pilot watch 
  • Field watch 

They're a fantastic addition to any look so long as the color(s) match the watch dial.

Benefits of nylon watch bands 

  • Ultra-strong 
  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Breathable

It's worth noting that nylon bands aren't water-proof. They can get wet, necessitating some washing. Nevertheless, you can rarely go wrong with a nylon watch band gift. 

Rubber Watch Bands

Rubber straps also make for an excellent watch band gift. The best thing about these watch bands is that they can be worn with nearly any piece of clothing, from casual to formal wear.

Silicone watch band
Silicone watch band

Plus, they bring a sporty and modern feel and come in various colors, rubber materials, styles, and patterns to choose from. 

Benefits of rubber bands

  • Lightweight
  • Water-proof 
  • Robust 
  • Flexible 
  • UV- protected 
  • Comfortable

Beyond that, rubber straps factor into any fitness regime, outdoorsy and athletic lifestyle a great addition to smartwatches and chronographs. 

Metal Watch Bands

For those with a strong sense of style, a metal watch band will be a hit. These shiny pieces are versatile enough to go with any ensemble and outfit — whether you are dressing up for the weekend or rolling up sleeves on a weekday.

Metal straps are available in a variety of metals; 

  • Stainless steel 
  • Silver
  • Titanium 
  • Gold
  • Other precious metals and finishes such as mesh 

They do well with dive watches and vintages – an exciting way to add a touch of charm and luxury to personal style. 

If you're spoilt for choice between any metals, consider having your top picks blended for a unique piece featuring different styles and metal strap finishes. 

High-quality metal bands like the Rolex are durable. They'll maintain their original look for decades while requiring little service.

Metal bands are low-maintenance compared to their leather bands, which need extra care to remain in good shape. A downside is that they can get extra hot or cold depending on the temperature. It would help if you also were vigilant with the clasps, as some are fragile. 

Are Watch Bands Replaceable?

Regardless of how gentle and careful one tries to be, watch straps can and do get damaged or worn out. But that shouldn't be the end of anyone's favorite watch love story.

The good news is that you can replace and get a new band for your timepiece. Brands such as Apple Watch and more provide various watchbands and replace damaged ones. The odds of finding the exact same band you had are, therefore, high.

If you plan to purchase several watch bands (a bundle), it's highly recommended that you pick up extra spring bars and a spring bar tool to help with seamless transition between band replacement. 

BluShark bundle

Choosing a bundle is an affordable, quick and easy way to build a watch band collection since it is greatly discounted. 

Where Can I Buy Cheap Watch Bands?

Start with a direct purchase from a watch company. Local watch stores like BluShark is a good place to check as you can buy cheap watch bands without sacrificing quality.

Considering how expensive some watch bands can be, and rightly so, it makes sense to find cheaper alternatives. 

AlphaPremier - Blu Moon Watch Strap
Jim F | Customer Review

Amazon and other online stores also stock an excellent range of classic watch bands that will seamlessly fit your existing watch. 

However, it will be such a long search before you get the kind you need when it comes to  general online stores. 

How Do I Get a Replacement Watch Strap?

To get a replacement watch strap, you must identify the exact band size that fits your wrist watch. 

Watches come in different sizes. Some are big, others are small, making it tricky to find watch strap replacements. Fitting the wrong strap means your watch will be loose.

CF Awareness - White Stripe Watch Strap
Shane H. | Customer Review

Most watches have the bandwidth size noted in the specs (in mm). 

  • Hydra models use 24 or 22mm straps, 
  • Orient Bambino models have a 19mm and 21mm 

It would be best if you also settled on a style before ordering the replacement strap. 

Notably, some watches don't function with generic straps. They require Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) straps which can be difficult and expensive to find. 

In such cases, have your watch dealer contact the manufacturer for your specific watch model.

Get the Best Watch Band

A watch strap is a thoughtful gift that can refine a man's style. A new strap will completely transform the personal look and feel of any timepiece. 

Depending on what you're willing to pay, it can be a huge compliment or a failure. 

Look at the big picture and you'll know exactly what you want. Don't forget to carefully compare your options, sizes, and experiment with new colors and styles. 

Shop our significantly discounted watch band collection today and find a watch band to match any occasion and personal style. Our watch bands fit most major watch brands and are the perfect gift any man would love to unwrap!

Featured Image from: Pxhere by Adolph Cabañas

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