Leather Rubber & Canvas Rubber FKM Watch Straps

FKM rubber watch bands are highly durable, resistant to oils, solvents, and temperature changes, ensuring longevity and comfort for daily wear. Compared to natural rubber, they offer superior durability and hypoallergenic properties, reducing skin reactions. Easy to maintain and available in various colors, FKM rubber retains its aesthetic appeal while repelling dirt, making it an ideal choice for long-lasting performance in diverse conditions.

Leather & Rubber: Sleek two-tone design with a black rubber strap body and colored leather top. Tapers 2mm from the watch case to the buckle, with double floating rubber keepers and a choice of black PVD steel or brushed stainless steel buckles. Quick-release pins for easy changes, available in various colors.

Canvas & Rubber: Durable rubber meets flexible canvas, ideal for outdoor activities. Features a sharp two-tone look with a black rubber strap and colored canvas top, tapered from 3.4mm at lugs to 2.8mm at the buckle. Secured with black sliding rubber keepers and a black PVD buckle (brushed option available), with double floating rubber keepers and quick-release pins.


    Ridge Rubber

    Comfortable Fit & Versatile Design

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    Leather & Rubber

    Elegant & Durable

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    Canvas & Rubber

    Soft & Durable

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    Tropical Rubber

    Inspired by the 1960's Swiss-made rubber TROPIC straps

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    Classic Vintage Design

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    Inspired by Seiko's ZLM01 Waffle Rubber Strap

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    Sport Rubber

    Ready For The Outdoors

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    Smooth Rubber

    Sleek, Streamlined Profile

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      BluShark Two-Piece Strap 20mm Leather & Rubber - Red