BluShark's Top 10 Affordables: #9 Seiko Recraft Series

#9: Seiko Recraft Series

 Seiko Recraft

This selection may not be popular with many. This is definitely a polarizing choice and probably not a watch you’ll find on many “top affordable” lists. As I hinted at, I think Seiko is a great brand and I particularly love their designs from the 70’s. I’m not going to get into details on this one. If you love it, it’s for the style, not the specs; the same goes for those who hate it.


  • Reliable movement
  • Retro styling of 70’s Seiko
  • Cushion case


  • I’m not a big fan of the leather quality
  • Cannot be hand-wound
  • Polarizing design


    Case diameter:


    Band width:



    Automatic – 7s26



    List price:


    Can be had for:

    $173 (Jomashop)

    BluShark's Top 10 affordable watch series shares some of our favorite watches on the market for under $300. These are not comprehensive reviews - just quick overviews with pros/cons for some of our favorites based on build quality, design, and affordability.

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    • Modest Watch

      No doubt Seiko is one of the greatest watch. I love the Seiko SNZF17 AKA sea urchin.

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