BluShark's Top 10 Affordables: #8 Timex Weekender

#8: Timex Weekender

 timex weekender affordable

The ubiquitous Timex Weekender can be had by just about any man. The consummate beater retails for around $25 and can be purchased at just about any department store. It won’t have the build quality of a more expensive watch, but for the price, it’s just fine. The biggest complaint you’ll (literally) hear is the excessively loud ticking of the seconds hand. The sound is a bit too much for my taste, but any list of great affordables would be remiss without the Timex Weekender.


  • Well-built and durable considering its price point
  • A perfect beater
  • Functional and most styles are versatile


  • Not particularly interesting
  • Window-rattling ticking noise



Case diameter:


Band width:





Mineral crystal

List price:


Can be had for:

$25 (Amazon)

BluShark's Top 10 affordable watch series shares some of our favorite watches on the market for under $300. These are not comprehensive reviews - just quick overviews with pros/cons for some of our favorites based on build quality, design, and affordability.

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