BluShark's Top 10 Affordable Watches: #7 Seiko SNZF17 "Sea Urchin"

#7: Seiko SNZF17

 seiko snzf17 sea urchin

If you’re looking to buy your first automatic watch and you have $130 to spare, go to Google, search “Seiko Sea Urchin” and pick-up this offering from the Seiko 5 line. Calling it a near-perfect start watch is probably underselling it. With the style of a Submariner, The Sea Urchin is incredibly versatile with simple, but sleek styling, a reliable movement, and surprisingly good build quality. Will you mistake it for a $7,000 watch? No. Will it feel like much more than a $130 watch? Yes. 


  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Solid movement
  • Looks great on a variety of straps
    • May lack some of the refinement of a more expensive watch
    • Many don’t love the “Seiko 5” logo on the dial



      Case diameter:


      Band width:



      Automatic - 7s36



      List price:


      Can be had for:

      $130 (Jomashop)

      BluShark's Top 10 affordable watch series shares some of our favorite watches on the market for under $300. These are not comprehensive reviews - just quick overviews with pros/cons for some of our favorites based on build quality, design, and affordability.

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