BluShark AlphaPremier 20mm / Brushed AlphaPremier - Koala
BluShark AlphaPremier AlphaPremier - Koala
BluShark AlphaPremier AlphaPremier - Koala

AlphaPremier - Koala

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  • Length: 290mm (11.4in)
  • 1.2mm Smooth Nylon
  • Sliding Squared Off Keepers
  • Double Pass NATO-Style

Finding the perfect strap or accessory for your watch can greatly enhance comfort and style. Our sizing guides help you measure your watch accurately, ensuring the best fit. Whether you have a traditional watch or an Apple Watch, we provide step-by-step instructions to determine the ideal strap size and watch lug width. With these guides, you can confidently choose the perfect straps and accessories to enhance your watch.

Watch and Watch Strap Measurements Sizing Guide

• Traditional Watch Instructions:

1) Open Our Sizing Guide Here. Download Here

2) Print File. In print options dialogue box, uncheck any “shrink oversized pages to fit” or “fit to page” boxes. *IMPORTANT!*

3) After printing, test the accuracy by measuring the “one inch” test strip with a standard ruler.

4) Cut off the inch ruler from the side and wrap around your wrist to determine your wrist size.

5) Hold your watch with the lugs framing the blocks below to determine your lug width. There should be no gap or overlap.

Lug Width Measurement:

To determine your lug width, print the BluShark Watch Sizing Guide in step-1 and place your watch on the measuring blocks located on the bottom of the guide. 


• Apple Watch Instructions

1) Open Our Apple Watch Sizing Guide Here. Download Here

2) Print File. In print options dialogue box, uncheck any “shrink oversized pages to fit” or “fit to page” boxes. *IMPORTANT!*


3) Cut out the tool. Position the wider end where you would wear a watch. For a more accurate measurement, you can use a piece of tape to hold the wider end in place.





4) Wrap the tool around your wrist, keeping it in place. Make sure the tool feels snug and doesn’t slide up or down.





5) Note the inch number the arrows point to – that’s your band size.






6) If the arrows land between two measurements, choose the smaller of the two numbers closest to the line.



    Adapter Measurement:

    To determine which size adapter you need, print the BluShark Apple Watch Sizing Guide in step-1 and place your adapter on the measuring blocks located on the bottom of the guide. 

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    AlphaPremier - Koala (Gray, White & Black) Watch Strap

    A premium watch needs a premium quality band. Simple as that.

    Look no further than AlphaPremier, one of our top-tier nylon watch straps.

    Just like your watch face says something about your personality, so too does the strap. The color, the texture, the pattern all mean something to you and those who catch a glance.

    Whether it’s classic stealth black, burgundy or a rainbow pattern, the AlphaPremier has you covered for any occasion.

    Couple the smooth nylon with a sleek 1.2mm profile, a sliding keeper and superior, substantial hardware and you’re looking at a little vacation for your eyes each and every time you look down.

    How are we so confident? We’re watch guys who needed a quality solution to our own strap problem and now we’re giving it to you.

    So well made we guarantee it for life.

    Grab an AlphaPremier and be a little more alpha.

    • AlphaPremier Collection - BluShark's highest quality nylon watch band
    • Color: Gray, White & Black
    • BluShark 1.2mm thick silky smooth nylon 
    • Deluxe hardware including a premium buckle and flat keepers
    • Length: 290mm (11.4in.)

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