CanvaSoft 2.0 - Indigo Blue Watch Strap


Our CanvaSoft collection provides the rugged canvas look without the stiffness and rough feel of typical canvas watch bands. CanvaSoft straps are only 1.9mm thick and were designed to be extremely soft and pliable. Adorned with a stainless steel buckle and canvas keepers, CanvaSoft straps will be the most comfortable option in your collection. All CanvaSoft straps are equipped with quick release pins for easy strap swaps and reinforced holes to prevent stretching.

  • Stitched double layer of soft canvas
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Quick release pins
  • Reinforced holes to prevent stretching
  • 1.9mm thick
  • Smooth, pliable feel
  • Length: 120mm/80mm