BluShark Knit Weave Ribbed Single-Pass Straps - Orange
BluShark Knit Weave Ribbed Single-Pass Straps - Orange

Ribbed Single-Pass - Orange Watch Strap

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Ribbed Single-Pass - Orange

Inspired by the military style of early pass-through straps, our Ribbed single-pass straps manage to be both rugged and refined. The ribbed pattern provides the texture that some straps lack, while the single-pass construction and sliding keeper ensure optimal fit and functionality. Ribbed single-pass straps are a great complement to everything from tools-y sport watches to slim minimalist pieces.

  • Single-pass ribbed watch strap
  • Color: Orange
  • Single-pass construction
  • 1.3mm ribbed military-style weave
  • One fixed and one sliding stainless steel keeper
  • Length: 290mm

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